Berger’s Express Painting – A complete solution for painting problems

Kolkata: Berger Paints India Limited, the second largest paint company in India, introduced Express Painting, which provides a faster, cleaner and better painting experience, as one of its finest technologies innovated so far in the paint sector.

One commonly associates the traditional method of painting one’s home with negativities like delays, dust and other unpleasant experiences which often result in consumers postponing their painting requirement. Research shows a majority of people put off the idea of repainting their homes being troubled by the very thought of the dusty environment caused by the manual sandpapering, not to mention its impact on the health of any person with breathing difficulties residing in the same household. The conventional process of painting involves scrubbing wall surfaces manually (by hand) that coupled with the occasional spilling of paint from buckets leave the house in a dusty and dirty state. A lack of proper post-painting clean up adds salt to this wound of the consumer.

The other inhibiting factor is the time consumed in painting a house. One needs anywhere between 15 to 30 days to paint a standard 3-bedroom apartment during which the daily schedule of the family goes haywire and to top it all, they need to deal with outsiders (the painters) spending considerable amount of time in their house. More than the cost of painting, it are these hassles of painting that causes an inhibition in the minds of the consumers in India. This has resulted in India having one of the lowest per capita paint consumptions in the world, almost one-tenth that of many developed and developing economies in Europe and Asia.
Another factor that acts as an impediment is the lack of a professional, one-stop, end-to-end solution to paint one’s home. Even today, painting is largely an unorganized sector activity, with consumers having to depend on local retailers, contractors and personal contacts to find a painter to get their house painted. Even though painting is one of the most important & interesting steps in doing up one’s house, consumers tend to shy away because of these issues that arise with traditional methods of painting.
Mr. Vinod Das, Head – Consumer Services, Berger Paints India Ltd., one of the pioneers of automation in Indian paint industry with their Express Painting service says “Indian Paint industry is at the cusp of a tectonic shift. As the disposable income of the consumer grows, and hassles of painting are negated by use of automatic tools, skilled painters and an end to end professional service which includes site visit, estimation, furniture shifting, supervision and post painting clean-up, consumers would be willing to paint their homes more frequently which will lead to a significant jump in the per capita consumption of paint in India in the next 5 years.”
This is a rare innovation that creates a win-win situation for all and every stakeholder in the value chain gains from it.

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