FICCI Welcomes the Emerging Governance Paradigm Under New Leadership

img-cNew Delhi: “FICCI is happy to note the moves towards implementation of ‘minimum government maximum governance’. Plans to restructure ministries, greater Centre-State ties and evolving long term development plans, clearly show the progressive mindset of the new leadership”, said Mr. Sidharth Birla, President, FICCI.

“FICCI’s Economic and Public Policy Council has already made many of these suggestions. FICCI suggested convergence of related ministries especially in sectors like energy and infrastructure for better co-ordination and governance. This would ensure speedy clearances and productive decision making. A more responsive public administration with defined accountability will help restore credibility of institutions. We complement the new government on adopting true management excellence and seeking internal opinions and feedback on governance”, said Mr. Birla.

“Break up of Coal India has been a long standing demand in the interest of Energy Security and FICCI hopes that the new leadership will consider this reform at the earliest”, added Mr. Birla.

FICCI has advocated the move towards self-regulation by the industry, reflecting its equal partnership in national development. “We welcome the move of new Leadership in recognizing the industry concerns on land, labour, and environment. FICCI believes that these matters must be best left to States. We have suggested strengthening of Centre-state linkages for meaningful decentralization for development. States must be incentivized to pace up the implementation of key reforms, such as APMC and GST. Economic impact of decisions taken by the States such as bonuses on MSP should also be simultaneously reviewed”, said Mr. Y K Modi, Chairman, FICCI’s Economic and Public Policy Council.

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