Hindustan Zinc PAT up 7% to Rs. 1723 Crore

hzlMumbai: Hindustan Zinc Limited (“HZL” or the “Company”) today announced its results for the third quarter ended 31 December 2013.

Mr. Agnivesh Agarwal (Chairman, Hindustan Zinc) –”The emerging global demand-supply dynamics is leading to a consistent deficit scenario as anticipated. We remain focused on driving growth while maintaining our cost leadership.”

Operational Performance

Mined metal production was 220,126 MT in Q3, as compared with 232,926 MT a year ago. For the nine month period, our mined metal production was 679,597 MT as compared to 610,059 MT in the corresponding prior period. This is the highest ever mined metal production for the nine month period and was driven by higher production at Rampura Agucha and Zawar mines.

Integrated refined zinc production was up 17% to 196,478 MT in Q3 and up 18% to 564,292 MT in the nine month period compared to corresponding prior periods. The increase was due to improved operational efficiencies at our smelters. Production of integrated refined lead was up by 21% and 16% to 24,984 MT in Q3 and 81,429 MT in the nine month period respectively compared to previous year due to improved utilization of smelter capacity. Integrated saleable silver production was up 35% y-o-y to 72 MT in Q2 and 18% y-o-y to 233 MT in the nine month period.

We expect mined metal production of ~900,000 MT in FY 2014 reflecting slower than expected ramp up of underground mining projects and some change in mining sequence wherein preference has been given to primary mine development during this period. Integrated saleable silver production is projected to be in the range of 290 – 300 MT in FY 2014.
Financial Performance

Revenues were up 9% to Rs. 3,410 crore in Q3 and 14% to Rs. 9,870 crore in the nine month period, as compared with the corresponding prior periods. The increase was driven by higher zinc sales volume and rupee depreciation, partially offset by lower silver and acid prices.

EBITDA increased by 21% to Rs 1,828 crore in Q3, and was 19% higher at Rs. 5,238 crore in the nine month period from a year ago. The increase was driven by higher integrated sales volume and rupee depreciation, partially offset by lower silver price and higher costs in rupee terms.

Net profit was up 7% to Rs. 1,723 crore in Q3 and 6% to Rs. 5,023 crore in the nine month period as compared to previous year. The positive impact of higher EBITDA was partly offset by lower other income and higher tax during the quarter.

The zinc metal cost of production before royalty during the quarter was Rs. 52,014 ($840), 16% higher in Rupee and 1% higher in USD terms from a year ago. The increase in rupee costs was primarily due to lower by-product sulphuric acid prices, higher diesel costs and rupee depreciation, partly offset by higher volumes and operational efficiencies.

Expansion Projects

Mine development is progressing well at all our underground projects. Kayad mine has become operational during the quarter. Our project capex will be in line with our guidance of $ 250 Million per year.

Liquidity and investment

As on 31 December 2013, the Company had cash and cash equivalents of Rs. 24,095 crore, out of which Rs. 19,111 crore was invested in debt mutual funds, Rs. 1,972 crore in bonds and Rs 3,000 crore were in fixed deposits with banks. The Company follows a conservative investment policy and invests in high quality debt instruments.

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