Odisha-based IT Firm to launch Swasthya National Health Identity Card

swasthyaidBhubaneswar: There were 142,485 deaths due to road accidents in India in 2011 and 511,394 injured reported the same year. It is estimated that 52 lac injuries occur each year in India due to medical errors and adverse events. Lifestyle changes are leading to lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension and most importantly occupational diseases. Mr. Abanis Nayak, Managing Director, Ishwar Software Services Pvt. Ltd. says, ‘This made us wonder as to how prepared we are for any medical emergency, how aware are we about our health condition, how do we store our medical records if at all and how we can get access to these records in times of medical emergency. All this has led us to develop an IT Healthcare platform, called the Swasthya National Health Identity Card’.
The salient features of this card are not limited to consolidation of health reports; rather it will be a boon for a first action response for police and doctors during medical emergencies. This one card will be accessible at multi centres, in fact accessible anywhere where there is a data connection. It will help in providing basic emergency service support 24*7, and will enable to share data and get second opinion easily and most importantly save precious time. The platform will be launched on the 29th of June, 2014 on the auspicious day of the Ratha Yatra and would be put into service of the citizens of India.

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