Odisha Power Generation Corporation Limited celebrates 5 million LTI free man hours

opgcccBhubaneswar: OPGC celebrated the completion of 5 million Loss Time Incident (LTI) free man hours and 43rd National Safety day here today.

About 800 persons including the employees, contractor employees and workers of IB Thermal Power Station assembled at the plant gate at 8.20 in the morning and took a rally chanting safety slogans to the CHP area. At 9.30 am Director(Operation) Mr Indranil Dutta unfurled the National Safety Day flag in front of service building which was followed by the oath taking ceremony where all the employees took oath to rededicate themselves to the cause of safety, health and protection of environment, and to do everything possible for the prevention of accidents, occupational diseases and protection of environment in the interest of themselves, their family, the community and the nation at large.

Director(Operation), in his address to the employees congratulated them for achieving 5 million LTI free man hours (on 5th of January, 2014) which is a unique feat in itself and shows the commitments they have put in making this plant a safer work place. He advised them to continue with the effort and go on to achieve out next target of 10 million LTI free man hours. Head of Safety Department Mr. Umakant Pahi reiterated the importance of ‘Stop-Work Authority’ by which each employee working in IB thermal Power Station is empowered to stop an ongoing work in an unsafe manner. He urged his fellow colleagues to use this tool judiciously to kill the possibility of any accident in the power plant and colony area.

On this occasion various events and competitions will be organised for seven days starting today to sensitize the employees and imbibe a culture of safety among all employees and their family members. The events started today with an Emergency Response Training for the employees of IB Thermal. This will be followed by events such as safety poster competition for the school children, home safety awareness and training on health & hygiene for the ladies, safety quiz competition for both OPGC and contractor employees, safety mock drill, tool box talk, housekeeping in plant and colony area and waste management training to the workers of maintenance contractor etc.

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