Tata Steel Facilitates Tailoring Training to Boost Women’s Empowerment at Gopalpur

tataGopalpur: Tohelp increase women’s household income and improve their living conditions in rural and tribal areas, industry major Tata Steel has augmented tailoring training in the villages adjacent to Gopalpur thereby paving path for empowerment of women as wage-earners and creation of jobs. The tailoring training scheduled for three month’s duration aimed at providing women participants with vocational training in tailoring and inducted them to managerial and technical capacity building for smooth running of related business. The programme was attended by 50 women participants from Chamakhandi and Jagannathpur villages under Chhatrapur block.

The programme equipped the women participants with basic know how to start tailoring job and support them to become organised in community-based working units for effectively managing their income generation activities. During the training period, the participants learnt basic machine operations, cutting, and stitching of dress materials such as petty coats, blouses, frocks, salwar suits, pillow cover, bed sheets, etc.

Tata Steel had conducted similar training programmes in the previous year that had helped more than 75 rural women to improve their skill sets in tailoring. Many of these participants have started tailoring business in their villages and are self-sufficient by using their specialized skills and supporting their family members financially. This articulated training program empowering women’s communities to be self-reliant has been well accepted by the participants and their family members.

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